Julian Korek Quoted in the Wall Street Journal: Survey Round Up
The Wall Street Journal article outlined that the GRO survey reflected that 35% of respondents believe that there aren't adequate safeguards in place to prevent a future crisis. 

Nick Bayley Quoted in the Financial Times: FCA Flooded With Feedback Over Plans To Curb Risky Trading Bets
Nick commented on how the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has received an unusually high number of responses to proposed limits on the sale of risky trading bets to retail investors.

Monique Melis Quoted in the Wall Street Journal
“The threat of personal sanctions is ensuring compliance functions put their duties before other considerations. Where managers fail to support them, they themselves may face penalties."


Global Regulatory Outlook 2017
Our fifth annual Global Regulatory Outlook (GRO) report aims to assist the global financial services industry with navigating the key regulatory and financial services developments in 2017.

An Anatomy of a Corporate Investigation
Join Duff & Phelps and Winston & Strawn for an afternoon session where we will track a hypothetical investigation through each of its principle stages, from the triggering event through to its conclusion.

Business Rates Are Set to Rise - How Will the Hospitality Sector Manage?
The UK hospitality sector faces a period of instability following the announcement of the proposed business rate increase. Business rates are currently on a rent-based valuation system, which from April 2017, will be reevaluated considering current property prices.