Shareholder Disputes

Duff & Phelps experts have decades of experience in valuation, finance, accounting, with specific expertise in all elements of capital structure, including equity, restricted stock, and stock options.

Shareholder disputes arise for a multitude of reasons, and are often complex, nuanced and challenging. When faced with such controversies, it is critical to have an adviser who is independent and objective, with deep industry knowledge and a technical thought leader. Our team is able to leverage their own independent industry expertise as well as the firm’s extensive industry knowledge and expertise to provide a superior level of consulting and expert testimony in all aspects of shareholder disputes in all jurisdictions.

Duff & Phelps helps determine value for shareholder interests in both public and private company shareholder disputes. For private companies, we have particular expertise in business divorce cases where partnerships and family-run businesses can often end up in shareholder disputes. We consult at all points along the timeline of a dispute, and when a matter turns to litigation we support our valuations with expert testimony. Our deep industry knowledge and technical expertise are particularly apparent when rebutting or assisting in cross-examining another expert’s analysis.

Duff & Phelps provides consulting and expert witness testimony for shareholder disputes in many contexts, including:

  • Shareholder buyout, oppression and dissent cases
  • U.S. (e.g., Delaware) and International (e.g., Cayman Islands) appraisal cases
  • Valuations under the guidance of buy-sell agreements, often acting as an appraiser hired by one party or jointly by both parties
  • Business divorce cases – partnerships and family-run businesses
  • Matrimonial disputes
  • Relative valuation of two subject companies in a merger
  • Securities valuations
  • Disputes under various business forms including partnerships, corporate entities and LLCs 
  • Arbitration
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