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We operate authorized UCITS and AIFM management companies in Ireland and Luxembourg.

Investment managers operating under UCITS or AIFMD have to deal with increased regulatory requirements. Navigating these has proven to be both costly and resource-intensive, therefore reducing an investment managers’ time to focus on managing assets and raising capital. Creating the necessary substance for instance typically requires a sufficient critical size, in order to run a viable and perennial internal model. An alternative solution is to appoint a specialized provider of management company services to manage the regulatory compliance obligations.

Duff & Phelps’ third-party management companies (or Super ManCos) in Ireland and Luxembourg provides the necessary substance, financial strength, regulatory capital, staff, systems, reporting disclosure and supervision of delegated activities to fulfil the regulatory requirements for our clients in those jurisdictions. This is applicable for all asset classes in the traditional and alternative investment space, including long-only strategies, ETF’s, Alternative UCITS, hedge funds, private equity, real estate, infrastructure and debt funds.

The Super Mancos are responsible for the management of the fund in accordance with the rules of AIFMD or UCITS. The Super Mancos will typically delegate the Portfolio Management, Administration and Distribution while retaining the risk management function. For Investment Managers, we seamlessly plug ourselves into your existing structure, thereby allowing you to focus on your core priorities of managing assets and raising capital, while providing you with peace of mind that your regulatory requirements are adhered to in a cost-effective and pragmatic way.

Our unique combination of expertise in distribution matters is an additional benefit of our services, helping you to address distribution challenges, market intelligence and registration/notification/maintenance tasks, via a consistent and integrated approach.

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Ireland Policy Documentation

Luxembourg Policy Documentation

SFDR Disclosure

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