Fixed Asset Management and Insurance Solutions

Duff & Phelps helps clients with accounting, controlling and managing their real and personal property assets.

Structured fixed asset inventory and reconciliation processes and property insurance appraisal programs – with a focus on precise data collection and comprehensive reporting - promote improved financial supervision, regulatory compliance, and risk management.

Duff & Phelps serves clients throughout the world, in virtually every industry, with our best-practices approaches to fixed asset management and property insurance appraisal. We are the global leader in providing valuation services for property insurance purposes, with expertise in all classifications of real and personal property. Each year, we inspect and appraise more than 30,000 buildings. Additionally, we are an industry leader in fixed asset inventory, tagging and reconciliation services, providing our clients with the data visibility needed for fixed asset management as well as improved financial reporting, capital budgeting and accurate personal property tax values. Our professionals draw upon deep global experience and leading-edge technology to constantly evolve and refine new and improved services to assist clients with their financial and risk management responsibilities.

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